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Stereolithographic/Photo-Activated 3D Printers

Stereolithographic/Photo-Activated 3D Printers

Interview with Luc Nikiema; creator of the SNAP 3D Printer

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The SNAP 3D Printer Letting You Easily Build Your Own 3D Printer! The SNAP 3D Printer focuses on being able to be constructed by those without technical experience as it is completely Modular and is also the first consumer level Read More

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Deltaprintr Elegance Through Simplicity No, its not a typo; Deltaprintr is a team of young entrepreneurs bringing you a very affordable and simple Delta-style 3D Printer that is a pleasure to watch even when its perfectly still. Deltaprintr is easy Read More

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The QU-BD One and Two-Up 3D Printers

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QU-BD: Quality and Precision Under $200 USD The ingenuity of many in the 3D Printing community never ceases to amaze us and the QU-BD project by Chelsea Simpson of Little Rock, Arkansas, has definitely blown us away. The QU-BD project Read More

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The LumiFold Demonstrates The Power Of Open Source The Lumifold 3D Printer is a Stereolithographic/Photo-Activated Printer that is small, light-weight, and folds to become one of the most portable 3D Printers available today. Lumifold is an Open Source project that Read More

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