Flashprint,the mainstream slice software used by FlashForge, has gained outstanding reviews by the media and professionals.The software further offers an expert modewhich allows dozens of parameters to be set by the user, for greater printing flexibility.

For beginners, the simple and intuitive interface lets you convert your design to a 3D printed model with a few clicks. It has a list of presets for build quality, so just select what build quality you want and FlashPrint takes care of the rest. And for experts seeking more control over the software, it has a wide range of parameters can be changed manually as well, from temperature to printing speed and even the first layer thickness and height where to pause printing. Once sliced, you can get layer-by-layer visualization and time and material estimates.

Support generation doesnt get any easier than this. FlashPrint automatically generates supports based on models overhang angles. At same time, you can add more necessary supports to output better prints , or remove unnecessary ones to save materials. Dendriform (treelike) supports allow you to print much more complex models, snapping off supports easily without damaging your object.

Featured with cut and split function, FlashPrint allows you to divide your model into several separate parts when it is too big as for one print. Limited build volume can print bigger models.

Besides printer errorfilament shrinkage during printing may exaggerate printing error and not achieve the desired accuracy requirements.Take a 2.5mm wall-thickness barrel as an example.

First test the actual error valueand then set corresponding software parameters.

The actual print error of the test model is reduced to 0.02mm.

Dimension Adjustment of Expert Mode Interface

The 2D into 3D featured in FlashPrint allows you to convert 2D image files into 3D models. This is one of the easiest ways to start 3D designing. All you need to do is to drag image and select parameters you want.

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