3D Printing Basics for Entertainment Design

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3D Printing Basics for Entertainment Design

Affordable 3D printers are rapidly becoming everyday additions to the desktops and worktables of entertainment design practitioners whether working in theatre, theme parks, television and film, museum design, window displays, animatronics, or you name it! We are beginning to ask important questions about these emerging practices:

How can we use 3D fabrication to make the design and production process more efficient?

How can it be used to create useful and creative items?

Can it save us from digging endlessly through thrift store shelves or from yet another late-night build?

And when budgets are tight, will it save us money?

This quick start guide will help you navigate the alphabet soup that is 3D printing and begin to answer these questions for yourself. It outlines the basics of the technology, and its many uses in entertainment design. With straightforward and easy-to-follow information, you will learn ways to acquire printable 3D models, basic methods of creating your own, and tips along the way to produce successful prints.

Over 70 professionals contributed images, guidance, and never-before-seen case studies filled with insider secrets to this book, including tutorials by designer and pioneer, Owen M. Collins.

PART III: The Entertainment Industry

10. Character Design and Fabrication

Anne E. McMills has been teaching 3D printing since 2011. Her passion is for expanding 3D technologys home in theatrical design. Furthermore, Anne is involved in advisory panels and focus groups for 3D technology companies where she has the opportunity to be a voice for the entertainment industry.

In addition to her passion for 3D printing, Anne is a lighting designer, professor, and also the author ofThe Assistant Lighting Designers Toolkit. She has worked in theatre (from Broadway to the West End) as well as in dance, opera, theme parks, concerts, award shows, industrials, architectural lighting, and television. Anne is the Head of Lighting Design at San Diego State University (where she also teaches 3D fabrication) and a proud member of United Scenic Artists, Local 829.

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