AutoCAD 3D Printing Basics

With the beginning of the new year I know that some of you are playing with your new 3D printers, and so am I. I want to go over some functions of AutoCAD that will help you out with you 3D print.

With Extrude you can turn any P-Line item into a 3D solid. First create you shape using your P-Line command. This can be a circle, rectangle or any closed shape. Next if you did it in a TOP view (default AutoCAD view.), switch it to a Isometric view so you can see the X,Y,& Z on your UCS, like SouthWest View. Third Type in EXTRUDE in the command bar, or in the CREATE ribbon of the 3D Basic Workspace. Then select the shape and give it some depth.

With Subtract you can slice dice and cut holes in your shape, but this requires another 3d solid object. This is very much like the TRIM command, but the selections are in reverse. Make sure you Secondary object is intersecting your main object you want to subtract from.Type in SUBTRACT in the command bar or in the EDIT ribbon. Select the item you want to subtract from (Main Object), and press enter. Then Select the item you want use as the subtract source, and then press enter.

With Revolve  you can select a P-Line item or any closed shape, like a rectangle and rotate it around a specific axis. This is good if you have a profile of a shape. Draw a triangle using P-LINE in the TOP view and then switch to an ISOMETRIC view. Next type in REVOLVE in the command bar or select it from the CREATE ribbon. Select the triangle. Select your base point then select the axis you want to triangle to revolve around to create the shape. In this case it should be a cone.

Inside AutoCAD you can create the *.STL file that most 3D printers can use to create your 3d print. You can even do this on the Education version of AutoCAD. Type in 3DPRINT in the command bar and then select the item(s) you want send to the printer. Make sure the Output Dimensions are correct on the 3D Print Service Dialog box and click OK to create the *.STL file.Now go create something great or just fun.

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