French RD outfit aims to develop production-ready applications with HP Multi Jet Fusion

CEA, the French atomic and alternative energy commission, is also set to join HPs Open Materials network.

CEA, the French atomic and alternative energy commission, has adoptedHPs Multi Jet Fusion(MJF) 3D printing system as it looks to develop production-ready applications for global manufacturers.

The technological research organisation is looking to not only promote the use of 3D printing, but reinvent how manufacturers are using the technology. Going forward, CEA will also align itself with HPs3D Open Application and Materials Lab.

CEA conducts research and development operations in four key areas: defence and security; nuclear and renewable energies; technological research for industry; and fundamental research in the physical sciences and life sciences. The organisation is also a regular collaborator with industrial players, as well as academic institutes. This latest affiliation with industry, combines CEAs proficiencies in developing manufacturing solutions and HPs burgeoning capabilities within the 3D printing field. CEA will work to develop production applications, drive cost savings, and maximise efficiency throughout the lifecycle of a part, including post processing. In the longer term, the organisation has confirmed its plans to extend the use of the MJF platform for materials development, joining the likes ofBASF,Evonik, andHenkelin the Open Materials network.

When looking for a 3D thermoplastic leader to partner with, we were attracted to HPs disruptive approach to the market, influencing the way people design and manufacture goods, said Florence Lambert, director, CEA-Liten. With CEAs mission to improve the competitiveness of companies through product performance and differentiation, and with HPs commitment to make the digital transformation of manufacturing a reality, together we are working to prepare companies of all sizes around the world for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The two parties have a shared ambition, to make an impact within the rich manufacturing market. HP was enticed to enter the 3D printing space because of its potential to disrupt the wider manufacturing market. The companys MJF system, and accompanying Open Materials program, are driving this ambition. An ambition supplemented by partnerships such as the one with CEA.

As the manufacturing industry looks to 3D printing for cost-effective solutions to digitalise production, organisations such as CEA are hugely important, said Emilio Juarez, EMEA Sales Director, 3D Print Business, HP. A key part of our 3D strategy is innovating together with the most prominent research centres around the world, CEA being a prime example. With the support and collaboration of CEA, HP continues to drive the radical transformation of the 12 trillion-dollar global manufacturing sector.

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