BigRep One 3D Printer For Cost Effective Commercial Printing Of Furniture (Video

3D printing is finding its application in many diverse fields frombiomedical engineeringto the manufacturing of houses. Many ebay shops are selling customized 3D printed products for the customers. There has been quite a progress to make thesmall volume 3D printers cost effectivefor building small scale products like a Pikachu, toys or a paper weight.

However, when it come large volume 3D printing, the cost grows exponentially. For example a 3D printer with volume of one meter square may cost you somewhere from $750,000 to over $1,000,000. In addition  to that, you may also require around $40000 worth of the printing material. Indeed, an huge amount that may keep the serious industrial  manufacturers away from this technology who want to build products like automobile parts or furniture etc.

However, BigRep One 3D printer can be a real game changer. With a price of just $40,000, the 3D printer has huge build volume of 1,147 x 1,000 x 1,188mm. Furthermore, using its design resolution of 100 microns, the prints look very impeccable and seamless. Hence, now it is coming into the realm of possibility to build serious commercial products. For example, in the video we see that the printer is being used in the making of furniture.

The printing capabilities of this printer are further accentuated by the fact that its two printing heads can print nine different types of materials that include Laybrick and wood. Hence, its has become possible to ornate your final product with wooden or sandstone features. Hence, the furniture manufacturers can give this printer a serious thought to make quick and customized products for their customers. This printer is expected to be available for commercial sales this summer.

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