A beginners 3D printing adventure (prop making cos play

Prop making is an art, something that the creator will pour hours of their time and energy into, constructing a masterpiece.  How could a 3D printer be of use? Australian based prop makers Nerfenstein and Combustible Props have used the UP Plus 2 for creating one of a kind props for their customers.  Typically props are crafted by hand, over many many hours. Starting with an idea or drawing and transforming into a physical object. That sounds familiar, taking an idea and making it real

Dont you do that with a 3D printer?

Take your digital creation and watch as it comes into the world, layer by layer?

So why would a prop maker, someone who works with their hands, want anything to do with this machine that takes their work away?

Objects that just come from the printer are great, but sometimes they need something more. In the case of a prop maker, they are the base on which to build on. The basic shape often is tricky to create by hand. Using the UP Plus 2, producing  this dead easy. Once you have the 3D model, just load it in the print software and hit print. (Did you know that the UP Plus 2 is theeasiest to use 3D printer?)

You know when companies make things look dead simple to set up and then you get it home and it’s like putting together an IKEA cabinet whilst wearing a space suit? Annoying, but that’s the opposite of setting up the Up Plus 2 3D printer. Everything went exactly as stated, a few EASY steps and it wasn’t only set up, it was printing a file. I cannot overstate how simple this was to set up, for the beginner just getting into 3D printing, the Up Plus 2 3D printer is a godsend.

The badge looks pretty cool. This is just one example of having the 3D printer give the creator a base to work from. It is okay, but with some elbow grease and effort it can look like the one below.

Or like this Mechwarrior. Notice now after adding colour, the details just pop out at you.

If you are interested in prop making, you can find out more about Nerfenstein and Combustible Props experience with their UP Plus 2shere(Nerfenstein) andhere(Combustible Props). If you are a Sci Fi or gaming fan (or even if you arent), be sure to check out their work as well! What they can create is breathtaking.

Dale has been involved in the 3D printing industry for over three years. He has a keen interest in technology having been involved in the tech sector for over 8 years.