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Build in3D PRINTER BUILDSpublished byAK-CreationFeb 14, 2014.

I creat a open source 3D Printer to print big things. Print size: 400x500x300 mm. You can download the Drawing in PDF and in Inventor 2013 format. The unwinding drawings are also included. I take some detail photos for a better understanding.

Here to see, some example from PDF drawings, that you can download.

The unwinding drawings are also included.

I create this 3D Printer with Inventor 2013. You can also download the Inventor files, to make changes and create your own.

In the foulder Details (to download) you find some information about:

I hope this are enough information to create your own Printer!

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I want to build a vertical roof wind turbine with a slowly gearless rotating power generator. The current generator to a diameter is 300 – 400 mm.

The normal 3D printers have only a print area of 200 x 200, so I must build me a bigger one. I planned to print the complete roof wind turbine.

Unwinding Drawings – Abwichlungen.zip

Aluminum Spacers sizes 1/8 & 1/4

OpenBuilds Dual V Wheel Kit – Delrin

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