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3D Printing for Beginners (FDM) [ENGLISH]PRO-001E SGK [A]

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From the virtual to the real model learn 3D printing!

Thanks to the 3D printing technology the completion of a physical object based on a computer model is simplified. It is the fastest and most economical way to produce small parts before more complex production measures such as CNC milling or injection molding have to be used.

In this safety and basic functions course you will learn how to import 3D files into Cura, modify them and then print them using the Ultimaker® 2+ or Ultimaker® 2 Extended +. You will learn all the necessary information and knowledge that will enable you to operate the machines with all 3D printing requirements.

What you can do after the 3D printing beginner course:

Use Ultimaker® 3D Printers in MakerSpace

Prepare your own 3D models or 3D parts downloaded from the Internet using the Cura software

Print 3D models with the filaments PLA and TPU 95A

Use the possibilities of 3D printing technology for the implementation of your ideas in model construction, design, for spare parts, etc.

This course is a prerequisite for using the 3D printers independently in MakerSpace!

Children between 12 and 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent.

For adolescents between 16 and 18 years of age the consent of a parent is required.

In the workshop closed shoes must be worn at all times. In case of non-compliance the access to MakerSpace is denied.

Changes and mistakes are not excluded.

MakerSpace reserves the right to cancel the course if there is an insufficient number of participants.

Please check your contact details so that you can be contacted in case of any changes.

Tip: This course is also available as avoucher(Category A)!

If you have an idea in mind but no time to realize it, we will gladly take over for you if possible. Whatever there is to be 3D printed we carry out your project!

Geschftsfhrer: Dr. Helmut Schnenberger

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