BigRep Large Scale 3D Printer

3D printers are undoubtedly cool. And they can also be useful assuming what you need to print can fit inside the typically tiny dimensions of your printer. On that count, you should have no troubles with theBigRep Large Scale 3D Printer. This mammoth machine can print objects well over a cubic meter in size, or roughly 45 x 40 x 47 at its limits, and doesnt skimp on detail, either, with dual tool heads offering 100 micron resolution. Print a table, print a chair, print your imaginary best friend just print something, because owning one of these and failing to use it would be a real shame.

Privacy may not be your chief concern when youre browsing the web but it probably should be. Each time you venture out onto the web, youre vulnerable, because each site can access your IP address, giving them the ability to find your physical location. WithSafeplug, you can feel safe on the internet again, browsing anonymously and securely. It works using a service called Tor (already well-used by foreign journalists and privacy nuts alike), which routes your internet traffic through a series of random locations, making it impossible to determine where you are. All you need to do is plug it into your router, set it up, and in about a minute youll be basking in anonymity.

Carbon fiber its used in automotive and aerospace design, as well as in high-end luxury goods. Now you can use it to create your own objects with theMark One Carbon Fiber 3D Printer. Billed as the worlds first 3D printer designed to print composite materials, this sturdy machine is built using aluminum unibody construction, and features a long axis thats great for creating parts, a bed that clicks into the same place every time thanks to a kinematic coupling, and a head that can handle standard PLA, tough nylon, lightweight fiberglass, and, of course, carbon fiber, using long, continuous strands that offer maximum strength with minimal weight. Now all you need is something worth printing.

When Casper entered the mattress market a few years ago, they changed the mattress industry. And now, after 30 engineering improvements and nearly half a million happy customers, the Casper mattress is more breathable and comfortable than ever. Each mattress is made of multiple layers of foam, including one for support and pressure relief, and one to make sure you sleep cool and comfortable. Its all wrapped up in a durable woven cover, and shipped right to your door in a box thats easy to maneuver into even the smallest homes or apartments. You get 100 nights to try it out and can return it for free if youre not satisfied.

Erectile dysfunction isnt on the short list of conversation starters for most guys. But since it affects 40% of men by the age of 40, its more common than you might think. Thanks to science theres a solution. hims is a one-stop shop for mens wellness and offers this Sildenafil medication that is FDA approved and has been prescribed by doctors for the last 20 years. It works and is shipped directly to your door so that you can take care of yourself and get the right treatment.

If youre more worried about the sound of your music than features, leave your iPod or god forbid Zune at home and hit the road with theHifiMan HM-700 Portable Music Player. Designed with maximum fidelity in find, it features a headphone jack with balanced connectors, which minimize interference and crosstalk while raising the maximum output without adding distortion. It packs 32GB of storage, a battery good for 15 hours of play time, and an included set of RE-400 balanced in-ear monitors so you can enjoy the benefits of the balanced connection even if you dont already own a set of balanced cans.

Owning a firearm for protection isnt the worst idea in the world, especially depending on where you live. But figuring out where to store where its easily accessible by you and not by anyone you wouldnt want to have it kids, angry spouses, drunken houseguests can be a challenge. Unless you have theGun Box. This stylish handgun storage box is made from aircraft strength aluminum alloy, and offers either a biometric fingerprint scanner, a RFID scanner and matching wristband, or both, that allow access to the gun inside. And since its designed to live on a dresser or nightstand, it also features dual USB ports for charging up phones and gadgets, a Kensington lock port, optional GPS for added security, and mounting holes if youre looking to give it a permanent home.

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