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Designs for ship modelers, 3D-printed by Shapeways!

3D Designer and modeler specializing in items related to army parts and scale modeling. Im also available to hire for custom design work. If you can see what you want but not in the scale you want, just let me know.

Painting TipsSend MessageSort by…Most PopularAlphabetical A-ZNewestPrice: Low to HighPrice: High to LowAll Items22041/11 Scale201/16 Scale151/18 Scale431/20 Scale181/24 Scale491/25 Scale181/27 Scale31/30 Scale121/32 Scale1351/35 scale1001/36 Scale11/39 Scale21/40 Scale51/43 Scale41/45 scale181/48 scale2181/50 Scale61/60 Scale31/72 Scale2951/75 scale71/76 Scale11/78 Scale21/87 Scale31/96 Scale3411/100 Scale1371/125 scale571/128 Scale321/130 Scale11/135 Scale21/144 Scale1311/150 Scale161/160 Scale271/164 Scale21/172 Scale91/180 scale31/192 Scale1321/200 Scale1341/240 Scale81/250 scale11/285 Scale31/300 Scale41/350 Scale961/400 Scale101/450 Scale31/500 scale51/570 Scale31/600 Scale411/700 scale81/720 Scale2————————————————0USN Fletcher Class Destroyer291USS Sims Class Destroyer29USN Destroyer classes325USN Minesweeper Class146USN Battleship133USS Massachusetts (BB-59)101USS Iowa (BB-61)47US Patrol Craft168USN Patrol Craft Escort84US PCE Submarine Chasers (SC)116US Coast Guard Cutter – Icebreakers93US Aircraft Carriers68USS Cruisers111USN PT Boats77USN PGM77USN Submarines65US Gato-class submarine31USN Fire Control Radars24USN Fittings285USN Engine Order Telegraph20USN Bridge Equipments28————————————————0Tug Boat Parts12————————————————0IJN Armament69IJN Armament Aircraft Carriers3IJN Fire Control Radars29IJN Fittings104IJN Boats17IJN Aircraft Deck52IJN Yamato-class Battleships63IJN Tone-class Cruiser7IJN Fuso-class Battleships1IJN Haruna Battlecruiser4IJN Kagero-class destroyers5IJN Ise-class Battleships2IJN Matsu and Tachibana Class Destroyers Escorts1IJN Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu KIT3————————————————0Germany Superstructures82Germany Armament175Germany Fire Controls Radars59Germany Fittings296Germany Boats33DKM Bismarck Class286DKM Cruiser Prinz Eugen0DKM Deutschland Class50DKM Admiral Hipper class heavy cruiser41DKM Battleship Tirpitz0DKM Narvik-class destroyers31DKM Nrnberg Class30DKM Scharnhorst Class73DKM Gneisenau Battleship10DKM M-class Minesweeper20DKM Type 1936A (Mob) destroyer9DKM Type 1934-class destroyers9DKM S-Boot (Schnellboot)14DKM Elbing-class torpedo boats18Germany Submarine99Germany U-Boot VII C4191Germany U-Boot VII C67Germany U-Boot IX26————————————————0Russian Submarine3Russian Naval8Russian cruiser Varyag9Russian cruiser Aurora9Russian cruiser Askold9USSR Kiev1————————————————0Royal Navy Armament42Royal Navy Fittings2HMS Dreadnought3HMS Vanguard10HMS Ramillies2————————————————0Greek cruiser Georgios Averof13————————————————0Custom Design 16Custom Design 20All Items1/11 Scale1/16 Scale1/18 Scale1/20 Scale1/24 Scale1/25 Scale1/27 Scale1/30 Scale1/32 Scale1/35 scale1/36 Scale1/39 Scale1/40 Scale1/43 Scale1/45 scale1/48 scale1/50 Scale1/60 Scale1/72 Scale1/75 scale1/76 Scale1/78 Scale1/87 Scale1/96 Scale1/100 Scale1/125 scale1/128 Scale1/130 Scale1/135 Scale1/144 Scale1/150 Scale1/160 Scale1/164 Scale1/172 Scale1/180 scale1/192 Scale1/200 Scale1/240 Scale1/250 scale1/285 Scale1/300 Scale1/350 Scale1/400 Scale1/450 Scale1/500 scale1/570 Scale1/600 Scale1/700 scale1/720 Scale————————————————USN Fletcher Class DestroyerUSS Sims Class DestroyerUSN Destroyer classesUSN Minesweeper ClassUSN BattleshipUSS Massachusetts (BB-59)USS Iowa (BB-61)US Patrol CraftUSN Patrol Craft EscortUS PCE Submarine Chasers (SC)US Coast Guard Cutter – IcebreakersUS Aircraft CarriersUSS CruisersUSN PT BoatsUSN PGMUSN SubmarinesUS Gato-class submarineUSN Fire Control RadarsUSN FittingsUSN Engine Order TelegraphUSN Bridge Equipments————————————————Tug Boat Parts————————————————IJN ArmamentIJN Armament Aircraft CarriersIJN Fire Control RadarsIJN FittingsIJN BoatsIJN Aircraft DeckIJN Yamato-class BattleshipsIJN Tone-class CruiserIJN Fuso-class BattleshipsIJN Haruna BattlecruiserIJN Kagero-class destroyersIJN Ise-class BattleshipsIJN Matsu and Tachibana Class Destroyers EscortsIJN Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu KIT————————————————Germany SuperstructuresGermany ArmamentGermany Fire Controls RadarsGermany FittingsGermany BoatsDKM Bismarck ClassDKM Cruiser Prinz EugenDKM Deutschland ClassDKM Admiral Hipper class heavy cruiserDKM Battleship TirpitzDKM Narvik-class destroyersDKM Nrnberg ClassDKM Scharnhorst ClassDKM Gneisenau BattleshipDKM M-class MinesweeperDKM Type 1936A (Mob) destroyerDKM Type 1934-class destroyersDKM S-Boot (Schnellboot)DKM Elbing-class torpedo boatsGermany SubmarineGermany U-Boot VII C41Germany U-Boot VII CGermany U-Boot IX————————————————Russian SubmarineRussian NavalRussian cruiser VaryagRussian cruiser AuroraRussian cruiser AskoldUSSR Kiev————————————————Royal Navy ArmamentRoyal Navy FittingsHMS DreadnoughtHMS VanguardHMS Ramillies————————————————Greek cruiser Georgios Averof————————————————Custom Design 1Custom Design 2Most PopularAlphabetical A-ZNewestPrice: Low to HighPrice: High to Low

1/96 DKM Fire Hose 1 With Bracket Set

Best Details 1/72 MK12 (GMLS) RIM-8 TALOS missiles

1/96 DKM Fire Hose 2 With Bracket Set

1/72 36 inch SearchLight Set 2 Units

1/192 DC Release Track Mk 9 Mod 0 (Left)

1/48 Fletcher Round Bridge Deck part 1a

Best Detail 1/20 USN Life Raft Oval KIT

1/32 Paddles for 26ft Monomoy Pulling-sailing Surf


1/192 After Deckhouse Tear Drop Gun Tub

1/48 USN Fletcher Round Bridge Deck part 4

1/72 40mm Gun Tub Heerman – Bethlehen – Starboard

1/192 Heerman 20mm After Tub w. Blast Shield

1/192 DC Release Track Mk 9 Mod 0 (Right)

1/72 HA Gun Crew Loading Exercise Machine

1/192 Anchors, Destroyer (5000 lbs.) v2

1/32 Davits for Kgun Depth Charges Set 5 Units

1/192 USN K-Gun w/ 300lb Depth Charge

1/48 US 26 foot Motor Launch Doubled Sheltertype

1/144 Funnel for USS Sims Class Destroyer

1/96 40mm Gun Tub Heerman – Bethlehen – Right Side

some products are available in more than one material. For

models, Frosted Detail acrylic plastic and Black High Definition Acrylate are recommended for fine detail and smooth surfaces. Of the two types of Frosted Detail plastic, Frosted Extreme Detail (FXD) prints in thinner layers producing much better detail and dramatically smoother surfaces. For

, where durability and strength are important, some larger scale products are available in Strong and Flexible plastic (S&F), a kind of tough nylon.

Glue: cyanoacrylate (CA) superglue works best. Testors liquid or tube cement wont work. Testors cement works best for polystyrene plastic but these 3D-printed parts are either acrylic plastic or nylon.

Cleaning your parts: during the 3D printing process, a waxy substance is used to support certain part features. Although the parts are cleaned by Shapeways afterwards, some waxy residue may remain. It can be safely removed withmineral oil, or water together with a mild water-based detergent like Dawn or Fairy dishwashing liquid, baby shampoo (no conditioner), or Simple Green using an old, soft toothbrush, Q-tips or pipe cleaners.Do NOT use any cleaner, primer, paint or thinner containing acetone, acetate or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).

Curing the plastic and smoothing surfaces:For products printed in Frosted Detail acrylic plastic andBlack High Definition Acrylateplastic, during printing process, liquid resin is cured by ultraviolet light. Microscopic bits of resin may remain uncured.Let your parts sit in direct sunlight or
under a UV or fluorescent lamp for a few hours to fully cure the resin. After your parts have fully cured, if desired, careful use of an inexpensive air eraser emitting common household baking soda can help smooth surfaces and remove any unwanted frost without harming detail. Air erasers, like an airbrush but much cheaper, can be found on . Models by Harbor Freight and Paasche are popular.

For those few products printed inStrong and Flexibleplastic, a kind of nylon that is difficult to smooth, apply thin layers of primer meant for nylon, allow the primer to harden, then smooth the hardened primer.

Back High Definition Acrylate

plastic, only acrylic primer and acrylic paints meant for plastic are recommended. Enamel paint may not harden on Frosted Detail plastic.

ForStrong and Flexibleproducts, only primers and paints intended specifically for use on nylon should be used. Other hobby paints may not adhere. Simply Google primer for nylon and paint for nylon for several good choices.

Do NOT use any thinner containing acetone, acetate, or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). Acetone will attack acrylic plastic and damage it. Acetate is found in acetone-free nail polish remover. Acetate and MEK can cause a crystalline powder to form on the surface, even after painting, which is an annoyance to remove.The following chemicals may cause crazing, cracking, discoloration, or dissolving of Frosted Detail acrylic plastics: Acetic Acid, Acetate, Acetone, Ammonia, Aromatic Solvents, Benzene, Brake Fluid, Butyl Alcohol, Chlorinated Solvents, Disinfectant, Ethyl Alcohol, Kerosene, Lacquer Thinner, Lestoil® Cleaner, Lysol® Spray, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Naphtha, Pinesol® Cleaner, Sulfuric Acid, Turpentine, Toluene, White Cap® Cleaner, and Xylene.

Orders: all diStefan designs pass Shapeways design analysis software checks before being offered for sale. Occasionally, after purchase, a product will be determined by a human print engineer to have a feature too thin to survive cleaning and Shapeways will cancel your order for that product and refund your money. In the unlikely event that this should happen to you, Shapeways will inform me immediately and Ill make an adjustment to the design. Usually, you will be able to reorder the adjusted product the same day.

Please register on Shapeways!I am not able to communicate with guests, only registered customers. Once registered, I can help resolve any problems with your order and answer any questions you may have about the design. If you follow me, youll be apprised of newdiStefandesigns as they are released.

All 3D-printed products © diStefan 3D Print. 3D-printed products may not be copied or re-cast.

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