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Open source technologies, such as 3D printers, 3D CAD software, and micro controllers provide students with FREE access to educational opportunities that foster creativity and innovation.

Learning how to integrate 3D Printing, 3D CAD Design, and 3D Programming into creative and innovative activities.

Open source platforms provide unlimited access to learning activities both in and outside the classroom.

Looking to advance your 3D printing skills?

Are you ready to design your own ideas using CAD software?

Interested in learning about Arduino and Raspberry Pi?

Did you know that you can build your own CNC Mill?

These classes provide various 3D Literacy® Certification levels designed with rigorous educational challenges in areas of 3D printing, 3D CAD design, and 3D programming.

Combining the elements of 3D Literacy® opens infinite possibilities for creativity and innovation.

Join the maker movement and begin turning your mind into matter.

Browse a variety of 3D printing educational tools that will completely transform your 3D learning experience.

An evolving collection of useful, open source resources to further expand your journey towards 3D Literacy®.

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I have been teaching 3D printing at the college level for six years. I assumed that I would be learning about assembling a 3D printer. However, in the process of assembling the 3D printer, I learned so much more about 3D printing than I could have ever imagined.

As a newbie to 3D printing, I wasnt very confident going in. However, this workshop not only introduced me to 3D printing but provided the tools and encouragement I needed to build and operate my own. Each hour, students walk into my room amazed and cant wait to design their own projects. Watching 25+ students stare in silence at the 3D printer is a pretty majestic thing to experience!

This is the 4th 3D Literacy® workshop I have attended and the 2nd 3D printer that I have built. Everything that you have presented has been very useful in the classroom and has led directly to an increase in student enthusiasm for the subject. Rob is magnificent at presenting this material and his passion for this is contagious

Great workshop! I recommend this class for anyone interested in 3D printing!!

Excellent, cutting edge technology that puts our students on the leading edge of innovation and creativity. I have built both the 3D printer and CNC mill in Open Source Classrooms workshops, and WOW!!! The students (and every else that sees the machines in action) are completely blown away!!!

Building a 3D printer from scratch in 2 days and spending an entire day learning operation and maintenance techniques is a phenomenal experience!

Building the printer was a great way to learn about 3D printers. Now our students are enthusiastic about learning and demanding printer time for their own projects. Its really great to see that in the classroom! Excellent job by Rob and his staff. I couldnt be happier with the class and my students LOVE IT!!!

Open Source Classroom, LLC 4 Year Anniversary!!!

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