Download these STL files for a perfect start in 3D printing

Download these STL files for a perfect start in 3D printing

Collection • 3D Printing Starter Kit

The perfect accessories for you brand new 3D printer

You just had your first3D printerand want to start on a good bases? Here is a selection ofsupports for filament spoolfor 3D printing,SD cards storages, accessories toimprove your 3D printer, calibration objects… Lets heat the extruders!

Filament clip / Universal filament clip

3DBenchy – The jolly 3D printing torture-test

Universal stand-alone filament spool holder (Fully 3D-printable)

Anet A8 Spool holder – reuse Anet parts

Ultimaker 2 temperature torture calibration test

Overhead Spool Holder For Closet Rod

3D Printing Guardian – Wall Mounted Filament Spool Holder

Ultimaker 2 and 2+ Filament guide for big spools

Ultimaker 2 Customizable Storage Rack

3D-printable split filament spool with threaded joint (135 mm)

Spool Holder / Stand for 3D Printer, 608zz Bearing

colorFabb spool holder for LulzBot Mini

Super smooth universal filament holder

Adjustable Extruder Drive Block Upgrade for Replicator 2X

Up Plus2/Afinia spool holder for PLASIL 3D Filament

MakerBot Replicator 5th Gen Spool Holder

Spool Lock Lever (for Ø200mm spool)

spool holder for several spool filament

Hikvision DS-2CD2412 / DS-2CD2432 camera holder for Ultimaker 2

Universal Cantilevered Spool Holder for 3D printers

Simple Spool Holder for Printrbot Metal

IKEA LAK shelf 3d Printer Filament Holder.

Latest 3D models of the collection, printed by the makers