Architect 3D

Create and plan your dream home in 3D


All the tools you need to design your project, from the basement to the roof, with all technical details!

Design each room in your home and plan your garden, terrace and swimming pool.

Equip and decorate your living area using a library of 3D objects.

View and tour your future home in 3D.

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Help, training and miscellaneous tools

Online Training Center and Tool Tip Pop-Ups

Quickstart™ Wizard: adding rooms using drag and drop

Partitions and openings: walls, ceilings, doors, windows, cutouts, mezzanines, stairs, closets, glass roofs

Foundation Planner Electrical Planner HVAC Planner

Automatic and Custom Roof Tools Automatic Gables Dormer Tool

Window Designer Door Designer

Wall Trims (Base Trims, Crown Trims, Wainscot)

Editing and customizing library objects

QuickPalette to apply scheme to a room in 1 click

Fireplace Wizard Mantel Designer

Outdoor decoration (furniture, objects)

Site Planner (Property Line Coordinates)

Split 2D and 3D views on separate screens

3D ClearView Rendering and Wireframe

Architect 3D – 3D architectural solution for all!

Architect 3D is a Home Design application that allows you to design, equip and decorate your home and garden in 3D. Design your creative project step by step and room by room, from the basement to the loft space.

Draw up plans of your house, equip your interior and exterior areas and add your own personal touch to your living space. A virtual tour and extremely realistic 3D rendering allow you to review the results.

Architect 3D brings you all the professional tools you need to design your home and garden.

– 1 GHz Pentium Processor or equivalent

– 3D Video card (1024*768 min 32-bit)

– Intel® Core™ Duo Processor or higher

– Display resolution: 1024768SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSPC Versions

– Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP (32-bit et 64-bit) or Vista

– 1 GHz Pentium Processor or equivalent

– 3D Video card (1024*768 min 32-bit)

Note: The software in the Architect 3D range requires disk space of more than 1 GB. We therefore recommend that you use high capacity hard drive.