JellyBOX Easy-Build DIY

Build your Jellybox 3D printer in a single day!

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Easy Build kitarrives with parts of the JellyBOX pre-assembled to both speed up the build and make sure you everyone succeeds. We carefully chose what parts to pre-assemble so that the hands-on learning doesnt suffer. You still get the on-of-a kind intro to 3D printing: just faster and easier.

Easy Build kitis best choice for parents and kids, 3D printing beginners, in-class and after school programs, accelerated builds, to build with students in regular classes, after school program or summer camps.

Easy Build kitis also used in our 1-Day Quick Build, where you canbuild the whole JellyBOX and learn to printin a single day led by our experienced instructors.


All Jellybox lasercut acrylic parts

Assembled and hot-end with E3D Lite6, Volcano upgrade

Assembled X-Axis with Extruder carrige

Online manual (full video; additional text)

Precision Cutters Small Vice Grip Metric 1.5 2 2.5 Hex Keys with ball end (Czech made)

Metric Imade3D custom wrench for M2, M3, M14 extruder nozzle and hex spacers

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