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MINGDA MD-4D Big Built Size 300*200*200mm Dual Extruders High Stability 3D Color Printer Making Models

High Quality Large Printing Size 300*200*200mm Dual Extruders MINGDA MD-4D 3D Color Printer Modeling Colorfully

MINGDA High Accuracy Printing Size 300*200*200mm MD-4D 3D Color Printer With Dual Extruders for Colorful Models

MINGDA Large Built Size 600*600*600mm MD-666 Customized Education 3D Printer for All Kinds of Models

MINGDA Desktop Metal 3D Printer With High Precision For Photo Frame Models, MD-16 Printing Size 160*160*160mm

MINGDA Large Printing Size 600x600x600mm MD-666 Industrial FDM 3D Printer Machine for Rapid Plastic Prototype

MINGDA MD-6C Professional FDM 3D Printer Machine, Large Plastic 3D Printed Prosthetics in PLA Filament

MINGDA High Quality MD-6C Education 3D Printer Built Size 300*200*500mm on Construction Modeling

Large Metal 3D Printer Industrial Grade Printing Size 300*200*200mm , Professional MINGDA MD-4C 3D Printing Machine For Art Design

MINGDA Manufacturer Sale High Accuracy 160*160*160mm Print Size MD-16 Education 3D Printer for Engine Modeling

MINGDA Online Sale MD-16 Built Size 160*160*160mm Education 3D Printer for Animals Models With Fast Speed

All Metal Framework MINGDA MD-6L Large 3D Printer Machine for Big 3D Printing Architectural Models

ShenZhen MINGDA Technology CO. Ltd. Established in 2009, is a high-tech international 3D printer enterprises focusing on research and development, production, sales and service. MINGDA is the leading company that introduced rapid 3D prototyping technology into Chinese market, the company launched the brand MINGDA with its first Glitar series 3D printer. MINGDAS philosophy is to provide easy-operation and user-friendly 3D printers as many customers as possible. As an advanced high-tech manufacturing enterprises of production equipment, MINGDA has built a strong research base R&D facility to ensure quality and reliability throughout all series of MINGDAS products. We have the largest scalable production ability of any FDM 3D printer manufacture. Since MINGDA began we have always focused on a persistent and constant innovation, and market-oriented objective. At the core of all this is customer treatment is essential to a good reputation throughout our company. All series and products of MINGDA© and its intellectual property rights are licensed and owned by MINGDA© Ltd.

The out shell and inside mechanical drive system are of independent design. The damage of the shell will not affect the machine function.

Take square rails structure rather than rods, which can reduce the distortion.

Exclusive patented nozzle, the temperature of nozzle is up to 300, is more precision and fast.and it is suitable for varies filaments

1.Take double parallel plate under heat bed, more flat and stable( The accuracy can reach 0.1mm~0.2mm)

3.2 inch colorful touch screen built on the right top corner of the machine, highly improved the user experience.

Focus:A leader in the field of desktop industry 3D printing with 8-year technical experience.

Quality:Impeccable quality,precise machine-check mechanism,adding value to MINGDA.

Honor:More customers attracted purchase for reputation.

Mission:One MINGDA 3D printer a head.

R&D: MINGDA has experience in 3D printing industry, increasing investments in Research and development and seeking high-technology persons.Based on the strong technical technical support and services, MINGDA 3D productions, including a complete 3D printing industry chain with 3D scanner, 3D design software, 3D printer, 3D printing consumables and 3D printing service, emerge and renew more than two years earlierly in its field.To meet peoples desire for new products and new technologies, MINGDA upgrates over 2 new products anually and is popular with customers at home and abroad.

Patents:Won dozens of invention patents, passed the international certification of FCC, CE, Rosh and so on , products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions

Commitment: providing technical support throughout the industry, with a 13-hour online customer services a day, including weekends. Conviction: Super long warranty service reflects not only the confi

Educational field:MINGDA ,together with tens thousands of schools, enlightens the students wisdom in the curriculum of 3D innovation education .

Industrial manufacturing field:MINGDA provides numerous enterprises with equipment and solutions , helping shorten the product development cycle and accelerate new product launched to win the market.

Design field:MINGDA 3D printing equipment makes the design concept of each designer shown in a high precision sample, helps imagination become reality.

Industry pioneer: MINGDA will continue to work in the field of 3D printing, to provide customers with sophisticated equipments, integrating advanced ability of research and development , high quality manufacturing , perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system, and devoted to science education, industrial manufacture and scientific research and so on.

Commitment: providing technical support throughout the industry, with a 13-hour online customer services a day, including weekends.

Conviction: Super long warranty service reflects not only the confidence of our products, but also the spirit of being responsible for the customers.

Adherence:continue to lead the promising future of 3D printing with a model industry service standard.

2016 DMP – 20th MDP Dongguan Int I Mould, Metalworking, Plastics & Packing Exhibition

2017 SIMM – Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industrial Exhibition

2016 SIMM – Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industrial Exhibition

Canton Fair 2015 (April, Spring) – The 117th China Import and Export Fair 2015

Canton Fair 2015 (October,Autumn) – The 118th China Import and Export Fair 2015

Canton Fair 2016 (April, Spring) – The 119th China Import and Export Fair 2016

Canton Fair 2016 (October,Autumn) – The 120th China Import and Export Fair 2016

Canton Fair 2017 (April, Spring) – The 121th China Import and Export Fair 2017

Canton Fair 2017 (October,Autumn) – The 122th China Import and Export Fair 2017

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