Industrial 3D Printer Under $5000 Fusion3 F400

Until now, owning an industrial 3D printer required an initial capital outlay of $20,000 to $100,000. In addition, expect between $5,000 to $10,000 of annual expense for service contracts and a limited selection of expensive 3D printing materials. Few businesses and educational institutions can afford a single industrial 3D printer at this price, much less be able to purchase additional 3D printers.

The Fusion3 F400 delivers or exceeds most of the capabilities of industrial 3D printers at a fraction of the price ($4,499 USD + Shipping).

3D printing helps companies accelerate product development, producing conceptual models and/or functional prototypes, more quickly and inexpensively than traditional methods.

Manufacturers now have an affordable alternative for low-rate / short-run / low volume production of plastic parts. Companies can implement 3D Printers in a production role, with lower up-front tooling cost and reduced lead times.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars and waiting 4-6 weeks for CNC milled aluminum fixtures, quickly print and iterate your parts with our 3D printers.

The F400s patent-pending technology enables printing ofhigh-quality objectsat layer heights as low as .02mm and speeds up to 250mm/sec. Your team will spend less time waiting and more time designing, testing and using their finished parts.

Unlike consumer printers, the F400 industrial 3D printer withstands use and abuse in production environments and if you have an issue,youre protected by thelongest warrantyin the industry.

Featuring alarge 1.43 cubicfoot print volume (14x14x12.6), the F400 empowers users to print their large projects in one piece, saving time and frustration. Companies get the benefit of increased throughput, combining multiple parts into one print job.

With a price of only $4,499 (F400-S), the F400 is an affordable way to add high-performance 3D print capabilities to any organization. Fusion3 also providescompetitive leasing optionsand volume discounts for orders of 4 or more.

Ouropen material philosophyprovides Fusion3 customers with the widest variety of 3D printing plastics on the market from many quality manufacturers of filament. The F400s enclosed, stable temperature environment and proprietary multi-zone heated print bed makes the F400 the ideal platform for manufacturing parts with high temperature and high strength requirements using engineering grade materials.

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Fusion3 F400 High-Resolution 3D Printer

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Alternative To Expensive Industrial 3D Printers: Fusion3 F400

Each week we host live, interactive webinars to demonstrate the operation and capabilities of our F400-S 3D Printers.